Family medecine

Our team of health-care providers is comprised of seven general practitioners. Among the group, you will find the following specialties: occupational medicine, obstetric and family medicine.

Dr Alain Authier

Dr Mathieu Côté

Dre Marie-Pier Gervais-Moreau

Dre Nancy McGee

Dr Nabil Nakhostine

Dre Lorraine Sanfaçon

Dre Lincey St-Amant

Dre Catherine Nolet

Dre Alexandra Vien Nolet

Dr Mathieu Côté

Dre Anna Maude Gareau

Dre Sarah Maude Tessier

We offer to the population a walk-in clinic which is available to you for semi-emergencies. Appointments are made 24 hours in advance and we offer the service according to the schedule of the doctors available. You can reach us by telephone at (819) 825-2222 or come visit us at the reception to obtain an appointment.